Flashback – Returning to XBLA & PSN

Platforming fans rejoice! Flashback, one of the great platforming games of the 16 bit era, will be making its triumphant return back to current gen consoles by way of the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, 20 years after its original release on the Amiga, Sega Mega Drive & Super Nintendo.

The original Flashback, circa 1992.

As with the recently announced Duck Tales remake from Capcom, developers Vector Cell have announced that the re-release of Flashback will be a reimagining of the original title and not just a simple port of the previous game. The game’s visuals will be receiving a complete makeover in order to harness the power of current systems and while the game play & story will remain mostly intact, fans of the original game can expect some new twists and turns along the way as Vector Cell have confirmed that parts of the story will be expanded. The game will also now feature a new experience system and gear that can be picked up. The difficulty may also be receiving a bit of a tweak to make the title more accessible to a wider audience. As per Vector Cell:

“Accessibility was brought up to current standards as was the level design that would seem rather punishing through today’s lenses if we had kept it exactly as it was. We feel we were able to keep Flashback’s soul and put it into a new body.”

The re-imagined Flashback, coming soon.

An exact release date or price point has yet to be confirmed by publisher Ubisoft and is only listed as ‘coming soon’. In the meantime, they have released a trailer to tide fans over!

Do you remember?

[youtube id=”_W_tRZwpSYk” width=”600″ height=”350″]