Expo-Impossible – Gregg’s First Gaming Expo

Gregg from Arcade Impossible shares his adventures at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2012.

When we started Arcade Impossible and released our first episode three months ago, I had no idea what was in store for us.To be honest, I thought that we would release a few episodes and see how it goes. I’m beyond excited at the turn of events so far.  Here are my highlights from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

I arrived three days before the expo, and spent some quality time with my brother (lives there) exploring Portland. One of the main attractions for me was the arcade Ground Kontrol.  In fact, my second day there I managed to walk in to Ground Kontrol and beat my previous high score of Donkey Kong (278,400), bringing my current best to 328,400 on my first quarter!  I was so excited about this new high score that I filmed an alternate ending short and put it on our YouTube page

[youtube id=”ILTjGokzP1k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Most of all, I was very excited for the You tubers meet up at Ground Kontrol on Friday night. I met (their channel names):
NESComplex, 8BitEric, Gamester81, MetalJesusRocks, TheEMUreview, PattheNESPunk, ClanOfTheGrayWolf, and Captain8Bit. I was beyond excited to hang out and play some arcade games with these guys. Everyone kept asking each other, “What are you looking for?” in regards to what game(s) they are trying to get at the expo. I didn’t really know what to say since I collect arcade machines mostly, but a boxed Dragon’s Lair for 3DO came to mind. Everyone was very genuine and down to earth. On to day one of the expo.

I got to the expo and was greeted by a large open space with tons of vendors, and met up with NESComplex. If you haven’t checked out his channel, please do so. He has a great “Is it Fun” and “Nintendo Power Time Machine” series that are really high in production quality, definitely a must for NES fans.

I was pretty much overwhelmed by the amount of vendors and arcades in such a massive space. One of the first items I purchased, thanks to a deal given to NESComplex, was a boxed Commodore 64.  From then on I was able to get in the zone and start building my collection.  Another key highlight of the expo was being able to help out the Game Chasers and be their camera man for a little while. Dodongo not Melvor was able to make it out to the expo, so they didn’t have a camera operator for the event. Being that I was pretty overwhelmed with the first day, I offered to work the camera for a bit.  Mike and I are huge fans of the Game Chasers if you haven’t noticed yet, and it was great to help out and show my appreciation. Here’s a pic of me in action:

My first panel attended was the All Gen Gamers Podcast. These guys are really entertaining and quite funny too. It was cool to see them (all but Pete Dorr) do a podcast live, and they gave away a game for every question asked. The audience broke out in applause when the first game drawn out of the bag was Final Fantasy for the NES. The second panel I attended was for RetrowareTV. It consisted of Pat, Roo, and the Game Chasers. Again, the questions were very interesting and it was pretty funny how a few kids kept picking on Pat. Everyone was getting a good laugh out of it. Most fans asked questions like, “What is better?, What is the scariest?, Compare X and X.”, but none really targeted towards anyone’s specific channel or episode.

Day two of the expo was comprised of me beefing up my NES collection. NESComplex had great advice on the $1 and $2 bins of games, so I was able to get many NES games that I didn’t have. I was also interviewed by Gamester81 about Arcade Impossible which was nerve-racking because I was so exhausted, but I always get excited talking about the show.

Overall, I am extremely happy about my decision to go to Portland for the Retro Gaming Expo. I left out a lot of other great experiences too to keep this article short. Not only did I pick up a bunch of games on the cheap, I also made some great new friends and memories. I can’t wait for the next event, and here is what I came home with: