Doctor Who and The Reskinned Game

Rediscovering Boardgames has been a revelation for me, part nostalgia and part social activity. With a slew of licenced games coming out, whether it’s Star Wars as found here, Game of Thrones or even The Walking Dead which is rated highly at IGN, it leaves me wondering. Heck, I love those franchises, but what about our favourite Time Travelling hero, Doctor Who? We’d all like to see a variety of reskinned boardgames featuring all his incarnations right? Right!

So with that idea in mind, and a myriad of mediums to work with, I decided to think of a few cool games and how we could use our Gallifrayan friend! Hear me out…

Doctor Who and the (insert exciting theme here) Boardgame-

Using the popular mechanics implemented by Descent and its popular reskin Imperial Assault, we could have a miniatures game plotting the Doctor against his various adversaries in either a Campaign or Skirmish mode. The modular Tile board could be pieced together and play host to the overarching plot. Whether it’s a nefarious plan from the Daleks, or a scheme by the cold brooding Cybermen, it would all be played out on a little battlefield with highly detailed miniatures.


Using the multiple regenerations of the Doctor and granting each successive ones new abilities and skills would be out of this world! (Pun intended) Assist characters in UNIT troops and even his companions could grant versatility to the game. And let’s not forget the vast array of enemies to battle. Imagine…all those nifty miniatures to paint!

Doctor Who- Pandemic Edition-

Instead of Medical specialists we have the Doctor (wait a minute…) and in place of the Diseases we opt for an ever spreading Dalek Force! The Doctor, and his companions chosen (with respective abilities) fend off a swarm of Daleks invading and spreading across the Universe. Players, whilst eradicating the Dalek threat, can also get the chance to familiarise themselves with the different planets in the Dr Who Universe.

“Quick send the Brigadier to Mondas! The threat is spreading”

“Ill head to Skaro to stop the attack at its source!”

Add your best impersonation of the Tardis noise and we are on to a winner.


Doctor Who- The Ultimate Adventure-

Stop….and get excited. Ever wanted to be a Time Lord and embark on some wild adventure to save the universe? Well now…you can. Using a similar template to the Dungeons and Dragons world, players can create their own character from a set guidelines of races and skills. A Timelord who is Neutral Chaotic? With a back story that stems from banishment from the Time Lords? Or perhaps you’d like to try something completely different…say Robotic Dog who loves his master and has a +5 to laser attack? With adventure RPG’s, the world is in the hand of the players and Dungeon Master…wait…”Time Master” who runs it. Think of the possibilities!

And to finish on, something simple and fun for the kids?

Guess Who – Doctor Who

Play on words aside, a simple kids classic like Guess Who, could be a fun filler in between rounds of other Dr Who games.

Littered with characters from the Whovian mythos, you can use your skills of deduction to unravel the mystery of your friend’s hidden character…

“Does he have a scarf?”

“Errr yes….”

“Fourth Doctor! Booom! Yes!”

Well maybe we’d have to make it less obvious….

So it goes to show, a little creativity can go along way into making something truly awesome by using an existing template.

So here’s to seeing some “Who” on our tabletops, fingers and sonic screwdrivers crossed.