Street Fighter 2 G.I. Joe

The premise that mixing one awesome thing with another makes something even more awesome seems fairly self evident, but after James Matson got his hands on the 19990s range of G.I. Joe ‘Street Fighter 2’ figurines, he’s just not so sure…

Flashback HD Remake Review

Firstly, the arduous task of recreating a classic game to win over a modern audience is no easy feat, with everybody consumed with MMORPGS, first person shooters and sports sims which involve a massive online community, older single player games can find it hard to stand out amongst the current gaming leaders. But it’s with […]

Zool – Amiga

James Matson asks the question – if you can’t be a hedgehog or a plumber, what will you be? The answer seems obvious; a Ninja from the Nth dimension. We can’t all be Sonic or Mario.  The Sega mascot was (and still is) responsible for some of the finest moments of gaming, while Nintendo’s undisputed […]