Flashback HD Remake Review

Firstly, the arduous task of recreating a classic game to win over a modern audience is no easy feat, with everybody consumed with MMORPGS, first person shooters and sports sims which involve a massive online community, older single player games can find it hard to stand out amongst the current gaming leaders. But it’s with […]

Zool – Amiga

James Matson asks the question – if you can’t be a hedgehog or a plumber, what will you be? The answer seems obvious; a Ninja from the Nth dimension. We can’t all be Sonic or Mario.  The Sega mascot was (and still is) responsible for some of the finest moments of gaming, while Nintendo’s undisputed […]

The Great Giana Sisters – Multi Platform

It was the late 80’s and a truly awesome time to be a gamer with many gaming systems readily available for play from the comfort of your own beanbag. Sure, mention early consoles – and even platform games – and most will recall the likes of those pixelated, cap-wearing, moustache-faced plumbers looking for the princess […]

Maniac Mansion – Multi Platform

Released in 1987 for the Commodore 64/Apple II, then a few months later for the home computer (DOS), followed by Amiga and the Atari ST, and ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 90’s; Maniac Mansion was designed BY puzzle adventure game fans FOR puzzle adventure game fans. Lucasfilm’s first graphic adventure launched […]