Geekdom United Podcast Episode 22 – The one about Dragon Ball Super & Destiny 2

Mark and Tim are back and eating and drinking up a storm as usual! In this episode, Mark satisfies his Dragonball lust and reviews the new Dragonball Super Bluray collection on Blu Ray and then the boys tell us of their new addiction…no…not Bundaberg Ginger Beer…but Bungies Destiny 2. The ultimate FPS MMO grindfest thats […]

Geekdom United Podcast Episode 21 – The one about Shin Godzilla, Shenmue III and Dragon Ball Z

Welcome to episode 21 of the Geekdom United podcast! On this week’s episode, Tim reviews the recently released Shin Godzilla film on Blu-Ray and gives us a history lesson on Haruo Nakajima, the original actor in the Godzilla rubber suit who took up the role for 12 consecutive films who sadly passed away recently. We […]

Revenge Of Shinobi Vinyl Review (Data Discs)

As a Sega nerd, as well as a vinyl junkie, (or is that audiophile? ) companies like Data Discs, make this nostalgic old chap extremely happy. Releasing high end Sega soundtracks pulled off the original source and pressed onto heavy 180 gram vinyl, with an array of pretty colors, stunning artwork and tidbits of info, […]