Zool – Amiga

James Matson asks the question – if you can’t be a hedgehog or a plumber, what will you be? The answer seems obvious; a Ninja from the Nth dimension. We can’t all be Sonic or Mario.  The Sega mascot was (and still is) responsible for some of the finest moments of gaming, while Nintendo’s undisputed […]

The cartridge to rule them all

Cartridges. They’re the icon of the retro gaming world, and despite having long been succeeded by optical or digital media never fail to rally the hearts and minds of the vintage gaming crowd.  James Matson puts his reputation on the line and invites the banter and counter arguments of retro gamers the world over to […]

Rules were made to be broken…

Like any hobby, collecting retro gaming paraphernalia comes with a mostly imagined and incredibly loose set of rules or guidelines that you’ll often find over zealous members of gaming or retro forums espousing any chance they get.  Some of them are common sense, helpful bits of wisdom that have no doubt evolved over many years and from […]

Airwolf Review: C64 & Nintendo Entertainment System

One incredible attack helicopter. Two unique gaming platforms. Only one can emerge victorious while the other skulks through life as a defeated loser, eventually moving into a run down unit on the outskirts of Broadmeadows where it will live out its remaining days addicted to Meth and re-runs of Survivor.  James Matson gets all judge, jury and […]