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By Daz, April 12, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

This Ep the team get together to talk about the infamous Nintendo 64. Alex (Ausretrogamer) joins us once again and explains what he thinks about the 64bit beast from Nintendo. We also talk about our first time and our choice… Read More »

By Matt Cawley, April 3, 2014 Comments Off Articles, Game Review, Reviews

What would you expect from a creative genius such as Jon Hare? If you are unfamiliar with the name, cast your mind back 20 plus years to the dawn of the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500. Co-founder of the highly… Read More »

By James Matson, March 27, 2014 Comments Off Articles

James Matson examines one of the hardest, most emotionally tumultuous things a retro gamer can do in their lifetime – parting with their gaming collection. It’s a journey of ups, downs and empty shelves that has left more than a… Read More »

By Peter Biu, March 25, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

Finish Him……………………………..Fatality ring any bells? Well on this episode of the Retro Domination Podcast Mark, Pete and Daz are graced with the one and only Johnny Cage, also known as Daniel Pesina. We take a in depth look with one… Read More »

By Daz, March 15, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

Daz and Matt along with frequent guests, Balkan Brothers Alex Boz, Aus RetroGamer and Alek Serblander of Weird and Retro team up for episode 43 of the Retro Domination podcast. This week the boys are discussing their child hood defining… Read More »

By Daz, March 2, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

The team are back for episode 42 of the Retro Domination podcast! The topic of this weeks discussion is the much loved and discontinued all too soon Sega Dreamcast as the guys recount some of their favorite gaming memories on… Read More »

By ArcadeImpossible, February 24, 2014 Comments Off Arcade Impossible

The guys bring John from John’s Arcade to pick up an arcade machine. So much fun!

By Sean Boden, February 18, 2014 Comments Off Articles

  I imagine that Nipponbashi is what Akihabara used to look like before it became charmingly gaudy. While it isn’t as welcoming to tourists and there probably aren’t as many stores in the area, it’s home to a couple of… Read More »

By Daz, February 15, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

Matt and Daz get together with Sensible Software founder Jon “Jops” Hare for a chat and talk about everything from the creation of Sensible Software’s greatest hits. They also talk about the games that never saw the light of day… Read More »

By Daz, February 6, 2014 Comments Off Podcast

It’s a belated ‘Happy New Year’ as the team returns for their first podcast for 2014 after a long than extended break (damn you hot Australian summer!). The crew gets their hands on a flux capacitor and fires up their… Read More »